You will discover three things that notify trends in seeking opportunities in Kenya. The first is the widespread talk by politicians who are serious judgment leaders, that there are no jobs.

My spouse and i strongly disagree with their stand when I look at it from the angle of individuals seeking jobs, but I simply cannot ignore its impact. หางานโคราช

The second is the common national belief governed by our African heritage that says if this way has worked for several of my ‘brothers’ it will work for me. 

The third through far the most dangerous is the general move from country to urban areas that happens from the community to the nearest town and from those cities or up-country to the capital city, Nairobi. This really is a natural human tendency generally in most developing nations.

I actually have spoken at size about why I firmly advice that you disregard political talk as a source of advice for your life in this article.

People born after independence desire to assume that we are modern and so not bound by African community norms. However, community, people, socialisation and all other ‘we are’ oriented awareness is one norm which is not about to die soon.

Since we still value people a lot, the attitude that what has worked for my brothers will automatically work for me is quite unconscious.

How the African community psyche can ruin your for careers

The problem however is not in that mind. The problem comes when you are unacquainted with the areas where it works directly against your goals and aspirations.

1 such area, and I actually have zero personal beef with them, is using job agencies to find work.

Please listen up! In respect of the legislation of numbers, it is impossible for a region that produces a little more than 50, 1000 new job opportunities every year to have as much job agencies that will provide you with genuine results as there are in every single town.

By simply the law of quantities if they have connection with 20 job opportunities in addition to 20, 000 on their database how well can that 0. 001% chance meet your needs? You pitch yourself directly against the rules of numbers.

In terms of finding jobs that are hard to find, to crowd job organizations because there are two or three people you know who did take a job through them is to use the African mind to work against you. It is not ingenious.

Rural-urban migration and the search for jobs

Added to using the African-american psyche above to the detriment with their search for jobs, failure to plan before undertaking the rural-urban migration route is killing many destinies too.

As one who works with young adults and one who talks about careers and how to find them quite a little, I face desperate desires often. One common one is those who have left some rural far flung town like Kisii, and are in Nairobi because someone promised them a job.