Ummmh, the big tins of Christmas chocolates are dialling at me from the groaning supermarket shelves…. ‘Go on buy me, just for the youngsters, you can have a couple of sumptuous treats, but most likely really buying them for your children – you don’t want them to be little waifs and strays at Christmas… ‘ najbrze mrsavljenje

I go home stuffed with 3 tins, how did that happen?! Very well, some for the site visitors over Christmas of course! I’ll just see how many purple chocolates are in one of the tins. As I lift up the lid that utterly divine rich smooth chocolaty smell hits me… they will not likely notice if one crimson chocolate is missing, or even two in such a huge tin… and there commences the slippery mountain! By the time the children get back home from institution, I’m already feeling a little bit sick with just testing a green triangle and a caramel keg and oooh I’ve not seen that one before… 

Thus, how will you stop yourself crashing from the diving panel in to the rippling ocean of abundant delightful chocolate at The holiday season?

Tapping away your chocolate desires with the Emotional Independence Technique (EFT) is an amazingly quick and effective answer. EFT was founded by Gary Craig in America, in fact it is an emotional version of acupuncture wherein we stimulate certain meridian details by tapping on them with our fingertips. ELEKTRONIK FON AKTAR?M? can be used on all sorts of conditions from physical illness to emotional issues and yearnings. By tapping on acupressure points we can reduce the chocolate cravings. Adhere to these instructions:

Choose up the chocolate you are craving and smell it – that’s it take a good profound sniff of the lovely brown stuff. Ask yourself on a scale of 0 – 10 (0 being not at all and 10 being a could eat this in one gulp I want it so much) how strong is your desire for the chocolate.

With two fingertips of one hand, engage on the side of your furthermore where the fleshy part is merely down from your little little finger, but not as much as your wrist. This kind of is called the martial arts chop. Keep tapping securely but gently whilst thinking these words:

Though this chocolate smells delightful and I really want to eat it now as it probably tastes delightful too, I seriously and deeply accept myself.

Today repeat this sentence two times more.

We all are now going to tap round on the acupressure points about six times with your two fingers everytime saying the following phrase:

I absolutely want to eat this delightful chocolate.

POINT 1 – the start of your eyebrow on the bone just up from the top of your nasal area.
POINT 2 – follow the eyebrow to the final and tap on the bone.
POINT 3 – in the middle of your eye trace a line down to the bone just below the eye and tap.
LEVEL 4 – in the gap between nose and your lip
POINT 5 – in the plunge between your mouth and the end of your chin
POINT 6 – the beginning of your collar bone just beneath and the side of underneath of your neck.
STAGE 7 – under your arm, just where a lady’s bra strap would be.