The good thing about doing business on eBay as opposed to a fully independent online shop is you are able to take good thing about the auction web sites brand. Buyers are always more likely to make a purchase when there is an factor of recognition, simply because it causes them to be feel safer doing so. This provides the role of “branding”. worldwide brands reviews

However when jogging an eBay store, there are two different brands. By virtue of your eBay account, you automatically have brand recognition of eBay, but so do thousands of others who are selling the same thing as you. Distinguishing yourself within eBay is an essential component of success, and do this, you must “brand” your own individual eBay shop. 

An exceptional eBay shop design will assist you to create a separate personality. Your main aim as a successful eBay entrepreneur is not to have people say “I bought it off eBay”. You want those to say “I bought it from Jack’s Antiques” (or whatever your eBay store name may be).

Portion of branding is building an uniform “look and feel” for your auction web sites shop, which is:

the same on all of your eBay pages, and
different from that of other eBay retailers.
This kind of uniform feel and look may include a custom-made template, a personal store logo, and a distinctive style of writing your descriptions. Your craigs list store designer can create a good logo for you in addition to a standard template, which not only makes it easier that you can list items, it also makes your pages more recognizable. In writing descriptions, always use a common voice and a single copywriter so that every one of your descriptions will be written in the same style. The writing style will also become a part of your logos.