On this page, I will give an introduction how to develop Android apps. Let myself not get into many technical details but alternatively give an understanding of the approaches you should think about before you get started. get spotify premium free

Smartphones are taking the earth by storm. In may 2012 a news item came out which explained that in Europe, more than fifty percent of all new mobile phones sold were touch screen phones. In 2011 the worldwide sales figures of Android os phones exceeded the ones from the iPhone, the phone that started the “smartphone revolution”. 

With the growing number of Android os phones, the number of available software (small programs designed to focus on these devices) has also expanded explosively. In addition to cellphones, other devices such as tablet computers that run on the Android os operating system are also gaining popularity. The outcome of all this is the fact there is a growing need for Android apps.

The Yahoo Play Store (formerly Google android Market) is growing at an enormous rate: there are now over five-hundred, 000 software available. These kinds of are incredibly diverse: utility software such as text messengers, task managers and email clients but also a host of games. The most popular software are being downloaded millions of times. Other interesting categories are software that enhance businesses. Types of these are programs that permit customers to acquire products from their mobile phone or software that provide the location of a company branch in the vicinity of the user.

The increasing recognition of mobile programs offers rise to many interesting work at home opportunities. This trend is unlikely to change any time soon and proven business around the world are acknowledging this simple fact. Not merely have many businesses produced mobile programs to grow their earnings or enhance their image. The rise of mobile programs appears to be changing how businesses and consumers think about software. A telling example comes from Microsoft: the new House windows 8 os has a “mobile look and feel” and the software program programs in the system are known to as “apps”.

Therefore, if you need to learn how to develop Android software where should you start? It will depend on your prior experience (if any) and the amount of time and money you are prepared to spend.

The most clear route is doing all the programming yourself. To do this you need familiarity with the Java coding language and the Android os Software Development Kit. In the event that you have never developed before, you will have to a new whole lot about subjects such as object oriented programming and working with the necessary developer tools. This is the long, hard street to becoming an software developer… however, if you succeed at making your first few apps, it could be extremely satisfying and you will have gained a lot of useful knowledge!

If you do not understand how to program and no longer want to learn how to write Android programs then, fortunately, there are other options. Several software products exist which make the software for you. Most of these are online applications that use “wizards” and templates. A limitation of the approach is that you will not have as much control over the result as you would when doing all the programming yourself. Some of these software makers are free, others give a subscription service or an one time repayment.

If iphone app creation software doesn’t meet your requirements, a third way is to use a freelancer or a firm to do the developing. An advanced individual hobbyist or running a tiny business, this may seem to be intimidating and expensive. Yet , by using a resource such as oDesk we now have access to many cheap freelancers living outside North America and Europe. Various are incredibly capable at their job, so developing your software this way would not have to cost much at all.