Even as we get older, our body struggle with everyday jobs and life is never as good as we would like it to be. Aches and aches in our joints and muscles, slow-healing cuts and ugly bruises detract in varying degrees from satisfaction of our senior years. It shouldn’t have to be that way though. With regular Reiki treatments, these annoying, bothersome discomforts can be reduced, minimized and in some cases improved altogether. Kundalini Reiki

People all over the world, young and old, have benefited from Reiki in the pain relief of stress, painful accidental injuries, easing of the problems of diseases as well as physical, emotional and mental conditions. Unfortunately, only some seniors are aware of how much Reiki can help them. 

Precisely what is Reiki?

Reiki is a mild, hands-on historical remedy that connects all of us to the universal life force energy that research confirms surrounds every person and every other living thing. A Reiki medical specialist is not a healer by itself, but is trained to manage to funnel this energy to prospects in need through the use of their hands.

Many seniors rely solely on traditional medicine. Reiki is not an replacement for this medicine. It works with doctors and other health care providers as an ancillary treatment. Reiki is adoring, gentle and hands-on. This is created specifically to reduce stress and remove energy blockages from a person’s system. We are, after all, mostly energy and like some, sometimes we ‘bung up’. Reiki telephone calls that ‘energy blockage’, stopping the normal flow of energy into and away of our bodies.

Hands-on Healing with Reiki

Extra and more, many people coming from all age groups are experiencing and reaping helpful benefits from the Reiki touch (or non-touch as Reiki is merely as effective with the practitioner’s hands a few inches above the body as located immediately on it). It often takes as little as one session to commence to appreciate the big difference. Even people who have undergone major surgery or chemotherapy, often experience a shortening of recovery time and easing of pain after Reiki therapy. Since Reiki is merely as effective hands-off, those who are sensitive to the touch by others due to neurological or other disorders, can advantage from Reiki.

Reiki creates an atmosphere specifically designed to encourage relaxation through the use of gentle music, lighting and a comfortable environment. Seniors especially find this appealing. Dropping asleep during a program is quite normal and has no adverse result on the end result, in simple fact, quite the opposite. In the event it really helps to relax and accept the therapy, then by all means, enjoy some nap time.

Most golden-agers who receive Reiki treatments, often experience an immediate relief with their symptoms. In others, it might take a few days to manifest. Just as treatments does not work similar to the way for everyone, a tiny ratio of folks indicate that they see no change. On the other hand, frequently, family and friends say that they have noticed positive physical or mental differences.

Reiki works best when the person having the treatment features the benefits associated with energy treatment. Understanding how Reiki works and believing in their healing power, goes a long way towards taking it and benefiting from the transfer of energy being channeled through the Reiki practitioner. Seniors can sometimes be skeptical about Reiki because it is a new-age treatment alternatively than the traditional ones they are being used to. For this reason, a shorter session might be recommended to commence with. This would be followed up with further Reiki education through reading how Reiki has helped others and then leading to a full one-hour treatment later.