Hi-Float Balloon Treatment is a wonderful product that will improve the life of helium stuffed latex balloons by up to 25 times. In the event you are fresh to the balloon business, and have never tried Hi-Float before, this article will give you a great start. First of all, you will find away what Hi-Float is exactly. Then, you’ll be presented with some questions to ask yourself to verify that the product is right for you. Finally, you’ll certainly be provided comprehensive instructions how to use Hi-Float Balloon Treatment. Manche � air autoventilée

What Is Hi-Float?

Hi-Float truly revolutionized the balloon business. It was developed by Don and Marjorie Burchette as a way to keep helium filled acrylic balloons up for much longer. Before this product was introduced, multi-day events needed to replace their helium balloons every day because they will slowly leak helium. This kind of made decorating with balloons very expensive. Hi-Float improved everything that. 

A regular helium filled latex balloon will slowly leak helium through the walls of the balloon as well through the knot in the bottom. Just about all helium filled balloons will only last about a day. Hi-Float is a substance that coats the inside of the as well as the and keeps the helium in for quite a while. With Hi-Float, an 11″ helium filled latex balloon can last between 1 and 4 weeks!

Is Hi-Float for you?

This product is incredible, but do you really need it? When you can answer yes to any of the pursuing three questions, then you should seriously consider Hi-Float.

Are the latex balloons for a company?
Are you hosting a multi-day event?
Are the balloons a gift idea pertaining to?
Basically, Hi-Float is simply perfect for anyone wanting their balloons to last more than 24 hours.
Just how to Use Hi-Float

Hi-Float products are incredibly easy to use. Underneath are step-by-step instructions how to work with this great product.

Place your pump nozzle onto your bottle of Hi-Float
Tighten the limit.
Prime the pump by pumping until a small amount of product comes out.
Contained in the Hi-Float Pump Kit is a set of clips that will make sure the correct amount of system is dispensed. Look at the guide, and attach the proper clip for your balloon size.
Place your latex balloon on the pump nozzle as much as it will go. This will ensure that as you pump, product will not get in the control of the balloon.
Pump product into the large section of the go up.
Squish the balloon around in order that the product evenly clothes the lining of the go up.
Inflate the balloon as you normally would.
Link through your balloon.
You’re done!