To shield your birds, you desire a cage.

Best wires to work with

There are many types of wiring you can use with the most famous being:

Galvanized cables: A galvanized wire is the one that is coated with zinc which is highly poisonous. The main role of the coating is to prevent corrosion thus increasing durability. To protect your birds you should consider removing the coating. You do this by placing or sandblasting the cable. To prevent the cable from corroding apply non-toxic paint to the cable.

PVC coated wire: By its name, this is the wire that has been coated using PVC. The coating is usually very thin and can be easily removed. Just for this, you are advised from installing it in a cage with chewing wild birds. You should put it to use in areas with non-chewing parrots such as softbills and finches. If you want to use the cable in chewing birds, you should go for a powdercoated wire. A natural powder coat is a grilled coat that is difficult for the birds to remove. The wire will be expensive nevertheless the finish will be sturdier thus the birds defintely won’t be able to remove it from the wire.

Stainless material mesh: This can be a best materials to use. It is going to protect your birds without corroding. It also doesn’t need a lot of care. To obtain it you should go to your local hardware store.

Installing a bird competition

After you have chosen the right wire, you should go ahead and install the unit. To completely keep predators from your birds you should place an outer part. As rule of thumb use a tough materials. This calls that you can avoid plastic netting as potential predators can certainly tear through it. Larger birds can also easily chew holes through it. For peace of mind, install a 13 gauge 1″ x 1″ grid wire.

You can install a cage with a wooden frame or go for an all-wire unit. It’s about your preferences. If installing an all-wire cage, you can be for a mesh cable or chain-link fencing. You must go for a pattern that the parrots can’t easily go through. The pattern should also have the ability to hold the perches and bird toys.


This kind of is what you should know about bird caging. You must choose a material that is strong and durable. You can install the unit on your own but for ideal results, hire a professional to assist you.